Welcome to the next level of winter driving experiences 



Wanting to explore the highest level of car control like the Nordic rally drivers master? 

Tired of the mainstream winter trainings on the road tires where all is about showing new products instead of letting you experience the real deal? Then get prepared for something entirely unique – a winter rally training experience with rally prepared Porsche 911 (964/993) all fitted with real World Rally Championship Tires! 

The stunning white arctic surroundings 150 km north of the Arctic Circle provide you the best possible playground and conditions for your fuel injected driving experience!

Together with Marcus Grönholm - two times World Rally Champion - we have developed a program which will move your limits of speed, performance and exhilarating driving. Get prepared to improve your driving skills and if you are ready for more, experience with us a real Rally competition!


Marcus Grönholm’s name demands the highest level throughout, his knowledge and achievements are exceptional and this drives our entire approach. We offer bespoke and individual driving programs with one instructor per two drivers and only 5 cars in total, result is maximised driving time and friendly atmosphere and all spiced up by our hand-picked selection of world-class instructors. So, no matter if you are a first-time snow and ice driver or an experienced racer everyone will benefit vastly from our unique style of training.


After a long adrenaline-filled day on the tracks, you can look forward to the highest-level overnight stay in the Levi Spirit Villas, here you will enjoy the famous Lappish cuisine. Nearby ice activities such as snowmobiling offer the perfect option especially if you bring your wife, husband, partner or any friend and family member as a companion. Enjoy the variety of endeavours Northern Lapland has to offer.


Set to conquer the ice driving and rally challenges on specially prepared ice tracks?


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