Now it is driving time - nothing will stop you from enjoying an extraordinary winter driving experience.


Fine tune your driving skills, get familiar with the Porsche 911 (964/993/991) Rally Editions and their real mind blowing World Rally Championship tires. No matter what! There’s neither the time or the place for slow turns and easy braking. The highest performance is achievable only when balancing on the limit. Be prepared to experience the intoxicating feeling of going sideways with more than 100 km/h and immerse yourself win with the adrenaline kick that the rally drivers search for all around the world. 


Get your pulses racing, take up the challenge and shift up a gear.



Our Marcus Grönholm Winter Experience 2020 program is offered on Area X in Levi, Finland. 

The thrilling combination of real ice and rally tracks is the ideal playground to challenge yourself and our Porsche 911 (964/993) Rally Editions - with real World Rally Championship tires!

Marcus Grönholm Winter Experience is a high-intensity action packed all-day program, made for drivers by drivers, and not like the typical manufacturer program where the road cars on the road tires are to be driven as little as possible. Therefore sharing a car with 1 more driver gives you enough time behind the steering wheel. We have learned that being a Co-driver half of the time gives you a golden chance not only to relax a bit but also to learn from the instructions made to your “car-partner”. All cars are rear-wheel driven and you mainly stay with the same car for the entire training, this means you can work on your driving skills and not having to adapt to different car concepts or wasting time changing cars. Again we are not here to sell cars but to give you the best driving time of your life. 


For 2020 we offer 2 back-to-back events each with two intense days of driving with more “seat-time” than you get at other trainings in 3 days. You can choose freely between the 2 events and cars sold “as first come - first served”. If you feel ready for more than 2-days of driving heaven and you are eager for more - just sign-in for both events! Our individual training approach allows that you can continue right where you left and keep your instructor throughout the 4-days. 

Event 1 (12.03. - 15.03.2020):

You will gradually learn to master the fine art of ice driving. Together with your instructor, you will get the perfect driving program with a combination of section training and full track driving to fit your individual skills and goals. Our unique intercom radio system makes communication with your instructor easy and comfortable. A very special night-driving session, as well as data acquisition sessions with your driving instructor, will simply create the perfect drivers’ paradise. Due to our “one-2-one” set up where each car has its own instructor all levels of drivers may join – no matter if experienced or not. 


Event 2 (15.03. - 18.03.2020):

It is all about speed and excitement - you will step by step gain driving skills like in Event 1, gradually approach “driving heaven” but it does not stop here! On top you have the option to participate in a real rally experience, taking place on day 2 afternoon. We offer you - if you like - a 100% real rally experience with the driver-to-driver competition with timings and rally rules. Here you will experience and learn the know-how to win a rally stage. Explore breath-taking rally driving against the clock, self-navigating between stages and master the art of pace notes just to mention a few of the skills practised. It is of course not mandatory to join the rally - you can also simply enjoy the vehicles and gain more ice driving experience.

Please consider the minimum four days in total for your ice driving experience including the arrival and departure day.

The true excitement starts with the arrival at the Kittilä airport! We will welcome you at Kittilä Airport and from here on all is taken care of all the way to your departure. Two driving days are awaiting you!


Individual arrival to Kittilä Airport. 

The team meets you at Kittilä Airport and takes you to our amazing accommodation. After a short acclimatization, you will be taken to the Rally headquarter where a quick Check-In process by your team-instructor will be followed by a seat fitting by your personal mechanic to ensure your comfort while driving the next days. 

Then it is briefing time before a local home-made Welcome Dinner awaits you. By now you are surely ready to get rest before the action starts tomorrow. 


After breakfast, we will head out to Area X - a unique combination of ice and rally tracks.


Get ready for a full-day of training customized to your skills, abilities and goals! You start with section trainings to get to know the cars and tires. After a short introduction, it is time for full track driving incl. individual data acquisition sessions.


For the Rally Option on event 2 a preparation including the art of pace notes and Rally briefing will take place. Most other trainings would be over now, but with us, you have a special program after dinner – it is time to try the very different Night Driving session.


After breakfast, it is time to head back to Area X for another intense and customised ice track session

On event 2 you can opt for the full rally experience so get ready to challenge yourself and the others in our specially prepared Rally as the highlight of your two days training. If not keep practising and enjoy the driving nirvana. 

Surely tired but full of adrenaline, it is time to head back to Levi Spirit for the farewell dinner. 


Again breakfast is served in your Villa and today can be the day where you find time for some of optional activities.


When time comes we will shuttle you to Kittilä Airport where we will say “see you next year“.


If you opt for both programs - you will have a break day where you can explore all the optional activities in the area or simply take the day to relax and charge the batteries

for the next 2 days.



Marcus Grönholm Winter Experience is an event where you can immerse yourself in a real rally. Just freeze your limits and join and learn to control a Porsche 911 on the limit but still having fun. 

In 2021 you may join the following events:


We will announce the 2021 information, dates & prices soon.


A variety of extraordinary arctic experiences are available.

Snowmobile Experience, Husky or Reindeer Sledding, Downhill and Cross Country Skiing etc. 

Full list of activity options can be provided on request. Most can be booked when you arrive, but to make sure of availablity please let usknow before hand.


Group Size:

Min. 6 - max. 8 participants. More waves possible if needed to cover demand. 

Information correct at time of publishing, due to the nature of the projects changes can occur. 



The Marcus Grönholm Winter Experience gives you the opportunity to improve your skills close to the limit and spend maximum time behind the steering wheel of the rally Porsche equipped with real World Rally Championship tires! 

Porsche 911 (964/993) – Marcus Grönholm Winter Experience Rally Edition 

Mordern Classics with manual transmission, rally prepared with sports seats, racing belts and roll cages. 

Porsche 911 (964/993)
Marcus Grönholm Winter Experience Rally Edition

All cars are of course fitted with intercom and video systems for data acquisition to improve your driving skills rapidly.


You will keep your own personal instructor and your personal mechanic with you throughout the entire time to ensure all is made just for you.



With us, you will experience the real World Rally Championship Tires!

Our program is created by Marcus Grönholm and Jan Kalmar, so between a 2x World Rally Champion and the mastermind behind Porsche winter driving experience in Levi. But in contrast with the local manufacturer, the program takes place in real rally cars and most of them without all the modern electronic aids which puts you as a driver in the focus.

Still the overall biggest difference between Marcus Grönholm Winter Experience and any other training offered are the tires.

The real World Rally Championship tires add a whole new dimension - this is not just a standard road tire with maybe a bit longer spikes. These are the exact works WRC tires which win the Swedish Winter Rally! Yes, we have access to the works tires so we can offer you the best winter rally tire ever produced.

135 mm narrow, each tire is fitted with tungsten-tipped metal spikes that protrude from the tread by between six and seven millimetres. 384 studs in total! The result is almost halving lap times compared to the spiked road tires normally used in Levi.



Our unique selection and combination of talented Nordic race and rally drivers and champions will add to your unique experience awaiting!

The Instructors will take you to the edge of your skills and motivate you to step out of your comfort zone to experience there is still more to accomplish and achieve. The evaluation and feedback make the Marcus Grönholm Winter Experience a remarkable and most distinct training you may ever participate in. 


But no matter who - our extremely skillful team will warm up your desire for a great performance on snow and ice and heat up the competition mode but will never forget the fun and joy of driving on snow and ice with real tires.


Two time World Rally Champion, an icon and legend in motorsport. Marcus is the master brain of Marcus Grönholm Winter Experience and can become your personal instructor.


15 years of racing and driving event experience made him create this program.


Danish racing driver with huge experience like Blancpain Endurance Series Spa 24 hour. With his driving talent, Benny will teach you all the moves you need to go dancing with your car.


Danish FIA Rally Champion. Tim is rally expert and will motivate you to reach your and car's limits.


Motorsport Coach and Instructor with over 25 years race driving experience will guarantee you huge improvements in your driving and rally skills.


Coming from a highly respected Racing family Dennis has fuel in his blood. He has a very high percentage of podiums and race wins including world titles. Today factory driver.



We here offer you the best winter training in the world to achieve the best performance and stretch your limits. There is only one location where Marcus Grönholm Winter Experience may take place: 

the best location!

We are proud to invite you to an exclusive place, which is remote and surrounded by wilderness and unspoiled nature. And of course, with ice-cold and arctic temperatures guaranteed: Levi, Finland. Driving wise discovered by Jan Kalmar for and now claimed by Porsche as their home of winter training. But we choose the best area in Levi called Area X.


Despite being located so far north, Kiittilä Airport is reachable with a 1.5-hour direct flight from Helsinki. The close proximity of Kittilä Airport, our selected accommodation and the driving area all add to the convenience and short shuttle times. 


The driving area on Area X measures 110 ha including lakes, forest and marshland and offers the ideal location for our Marcus Grönholm Winter Experience driving area. The very demanding and challenging ice and rally tracks will become the battlefield and playground for you and reward you for building up skills whilst flying fast and sideways at the same time.

The Arctic wilderness will surely warm up your desire for great performance on the ice tracks and heat up the competition mode.

Levi is a popular and vibrant winter sports and ski resort in Northern Lapland and located 150 km north of the Arctic Circle. Northern Lapland is known for its untouched nature and marvelous landscapes and takes your breath away with its colorful and incredible Northern Lights, friendly Lappish people and endless pure white snow - simply a huge source of inspiration. On top Lapland does not just have the second purest air in the world, you can even drink from every river and stream. nights and eight seasons in every year makes this a magical place.




World-class training demands world-class accommodation!


Our specially selected accommodation Levi Spirit and the Northern Light Ranch are the pure definitions of Arctic luxury and comfort. With us you are not stacked into a run-down ordinary business hotel, here it is not only our tires and team that are top class - also your overnight stay becomes an experience. Our main accommodation is Levi Spirit where a top-class Villa/Chalet is awaiting you and your fellow “rally drivers”. Levi Spirit offers a full-service that makes this a unique and memorable stay which is not found elsewhere.  

The spacious area of the about 460 sqm Villa offers open lounge areas to relax, sit together, chat and exchange experiences and impressions after a long day of intense ice driving. Indoor and outdoor fireplaces, sauna, hot tub all-inclusive. Of course, team spirit is guaranteed but each customer will have the exclusivity of a private room with en-suite bathroom to secure privacy. 

Watch a professional at work - a private chef will prepare your ‘home-made’ breakfast and dinner in the open kitchen of your Villa. 

The Levi Spirit Villas are offering the ideal surrounding to create a unique team atmosphere with coziness guaranteed. They subtly blend in with the unique landscape of Lapland. Modern design mingles with only the best natural materials and the large windows bring the serene surroundings indoors to form a part of the decor. The high-class furnishing adds to the comfort and provides the finishing touches on the dignified surroundings while the specialty of the Villas, the atmospheric non-heated Kammi room, invites you to enjoy yourselves around an open flame.

Depending on availability and personal request we also offer the unique Northern Lights Ranch where you have your own glass-roof hut in the middle of the forest. And like name indicate this is a very good spot to experience the illusive Northern Lights. Especially those of you doing both events we would recommend to try out both unique accommodations. You will have your own shuttle service so regardless where you will stay are all options open. 


The arctic experiences of Lapland open up right from both location’s doorsteps. When time allows and if you are interested in optional activities don’t miss the chance to experience snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, down-hill skiing, aurora hunting, husky or reindeer sledding, fat biking, ice karting or others. All can be booked when you arrive, and a list of activity options can be provided on request.


The “center” of Levi, the airport and the driving area can be reached within 5-25 min from both locations. 



The Marcus Grönholm Winter Experience was established by Marcus Grönholm and Jan Kalmar in the constant quest to offer industry benchmarking events. 


The Marcus Grönholm Winter Experience took place for the first time in 2017, has been continuously developed since and welcomes driving enthusiasts of all levels. The fundamental idea of Marcus Grönholm Winter Experience is simply to exceed your expectations, to offer you something not found elsewhere. 


Together with the knowledge of two-time World Rally Champion Marcus Grönholm, our team’s broad experience in the automotive world paired with passion, vision, forward-thinking we are able to offer a unique product. We run very nice and unique cars, but the real difference are our tires, as we could not find them in the market we decided to make our own. 

Today the Marcus Grönholm Winter Experience is a part of Jan Kalmar Beyond Adventure OÜ and complements our one-of-a-kind product portfolio what we call "Beyond Adventure"! 

The world is waiting to be discovered and Beyond Adventure tops every driving experience you have ever had. We offer automotive adventures that are unique, spectacular and creating life-lasting memories. Our passion is to drive to experience the extraordinary world around us in cars specially designed for hard-to-reach areas with unforgettable sceneries.

Naturally, we aim for astonishing destinations, landscapes and routes filled up with exciting challenges. Our motto: Going places normally not visited by car and also not visited in the form of self-drive! 


Join us for our upcoming Beyond Adventures in African Highlands, Georgia, Bhutan, Central America, Upper Mustang, Across Africa, India and many more to come. Or explore our ice-cold adventures and push to the limits under extreme and icy conditions with our Marcus Grönholm Winter Experience.


Find out more and explore the world of Beyond Adventure!

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